Hire Me


After finishing my studies in Cambridge, I worked 13 years as a top level business consultant for 3 of the most respected consulting firms in the world. We literally took any project other our belts. From fixing the manufacturing processes of large retailers to reorganizing management teams of Fortune 500 companies.

I believe my vast experience and proven track record speak for itself, but having saved and help manage over 2.5 billion dollars of wealth, I think I can help any time of business improve its performance.

I’m now self-employed and help smaller sized businesses achieve their revenue and profit goals, by implementing systems that 3-20x their businesses in under 48 months. That’s what I want to do for you and your company.

At the moment, I don’t have any intentions of becoming the slave that I was in the past and am only taking a very small number of companies. The project must excite me, otherwise I won’t do it.

So… If you need my help, if you want to take your businesses to levels that you’ve never thought were possible… Get in touch with me and schedule your free 15min strategy session where we’ll go over your businesses and make a decision on whether this program is right for you.